Hutos Harmony
Hutos Harmony
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A musical app for 1-5 year olds available on the iPad or iPhone. From the award-winning team at Cotton Interactive, this underwater adventure with unique sea animals incorporates phonetic sounds and songs to create a visual music party in Huto’s Sea World. Your child will have fun playing along to each song in this edu-tainment app geared towards improving musical skills. 

★★★Let's play music with adorable sea animal★★★ 
Welcome to Hutos sea world! Hutos friends invite you a music party! 
Please join the hutos music party and have some fun! 
With 11 kinds of various instrument. Kid's can play a music 
Let's go to the hutos sea world together! 

★★★How to play★★★ 
- Invite sea animal: You can select fish that you want, you can play music with them 
- Shellfish joke box: You can choose your faborite songs in shellfish juke box 
- Party place: Hutos sea world has 5 party place! you can choose it wherever you want!
- Quick play: You can play music quickly with your sea animal freinds 

★★★Sea animal friends★★★ 
- Princess fish 
- Bold hair octopus 
- ♡♡ fish 
- Smarty dophin 
- Greedy shark 
- Triangle fish 
- Broccoli Fish 
- Sea horse 
- Mustache jellyfish 
- Chicken fish 
- Kiss fish 
- Watermelon fish 

★★★Featured Song★★★ 
- Cannon 
- Hokey pokey 
- Head shoulder knee and toes 
- Old Mcdonald 
- Ten little indian boys 
- Light carvalry 
- Twinkle twinkle little stars 
- The celebrated chop waltz