The Cotton Interactive Team We Make Life Fun!

“The true sign of intelligence is Not knowledge but imagination.”
–Albert Einstein

The world of Fun starts with Cotton Interactive. At Cotton we have warm hearted developers. At Cotton we are surrounded by young adults with hottest passion to make this world a happier place. During winter we turn on our Air Contitioner to make the temperature of our passion lower.

Cotton Interactive headquarters is located in the Yangae district in Seoul.
Come by for a chat or have coffee with us and meet all of the unique minds who are part of our team.

(주)코튼인터렉티브 대표자 : 김창환 / 사업자등록번호 : 215-87-34670 / 주소 서울시 서초구 양재동 124-8 전자빌딩 3층 / 대표전화 : 02-2088-6027 / 팩스 : 529-6027
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